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Best BJMC College in Lucknow | Morden Girls College

Morden Girls College, the Best BJMC College in Lucknow, features a calm and eco-friendly atmosphere with the clever creation of the executive structure according to worldwide norms. The entire structure is elegantly designed with an around organized administrative square, homerooms, labs, library, workforce room, halfway air-cooled courses, auditorium, conveniences, and so on. Learning that is student-centered, inventive, perceptive, and active is valued. Aside from it, the College organizes academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. Internal Quality Assurance Cell, profession direction and position cell, understudy guiding cell, antagonistic to ragging cell, complaint redressal cell, against lewd behavior cell, local area government assistance cell, which besides appropriate advising help understudies with their issues. A group of masters valued resources with complete dedication and devotion, working for the advancement of the understudies. The College provides women with explicit grants that encourage them to overcome financial constraints and pursue intellectual and professional future opportunities.

BJMC Future Scope

The Bachelor of Journalistic and Mass Communication (BJMC) degree program teaches journalism skills and competence such as information collecting and delivery. The BJMC teaches software, communication, equipment, writing, and analytical skills over its three-year undergraduate degree. Modern Girls College Professional Studies provides a three-year undergraduate program BJMC accredited with the University of Lucknow designed to prepare students for employment in journalism and mass communication. A BJMC education from a reputed media institute prepares individuals for occupations such as journalism. There are several vocations accessible, including photographer, news analyst, and public relations specialist. The remuneration for the BJMC position is determined by the candidate's profile as well as their experience. A BJMC graduate may expect to earn between INR 5 and 6 lakhs per year on average. There are minimal limitations on the kind of jobs available to BJMC graduates. The increase or increment is determined by an individual's talents and experience.

  • Opportunity to work in a fast-developing industry: According to the IBEF website, the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry is predicted to increase by 13.5 per cent between 2014 and 2024 and be valued at USD 43.93 billion by 2024, giving enormous potential opportunities for BJMC course candidates. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the information and broadcasting sector has improved job prospects in India's mass media and journalism.
  • Increased Job Possibilities: The digital media business in India is expected to grow by 20% by 2022, reaching INR 18,454 crore. According to different statistics and industry insiders, employment prospects have increased in the previous 5 years, As a result of a scarcity of qualified workers, there is a mismatch between employment demand and supply. Students who complete the BJMC course are prepared to work in the Media and Entertainment business.
  • Good Salary: After completing the BJMC course, students will be able to work as Media Consultants, Journalists, New Analytics, Photojournalists, and a variety of other positions. The average annual pay is roughly INR 395,000, including perks such as medical insurance and dental coverage.
  • Career opportunities: BJMC graduates are frequently hired as journalists and news reporters. Finding a large story or bringing the agony of victims to the attention of the country in quest of justice is a challenging endeavour. According to the website Career Explorer, journalists worldwide have a work satisfaction rating of 3.7. out of 5, one of the highest in any field.
  • Skill Development: The BJMC Syllabus is developed so that applicants may establish a solid foundation in Communication, Presentation, and Writing abilities, as well as the interpersonal skills and creative thinking necessary while working as a professional.

BJMC Course Specifications | Best BJMC College in Lucknow

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is the full name of this program.The length of the BJMC course is three years.The BJMC program is accessible both full-time (Regular mode) and distance mode. The complete BJMC curriculum is structured into six semesters that span three years. CyberMedia, Information Society, Public Relations Theory, Media Law and Ethics, and other topics are covered in the BJMC.

BJMC abbreviation Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication is a program that students who have passed their 12th grade in any stream with a minimum score of 50% can pursue. Candidates who fall into one of the reserved groups are given a 5% discount. Admission to the BJMC is based on merit or an entrance examination.Universities and Institutes hold entrance tests such as IPU CET, IIMC, DUET, and others to determine admission to BJMC programs. Modern Girls College Professional Studies of Mass Communication and Journalism, for example, is one of the top BJMC institutions that offer BJMC courses.

Working professionals interested in a career in journalism and mass communication can enrol in the Distance BJMC program. Candidates can study BJMC or equivalent courses in Lucknow. Candidates who complete the BJMC course are recruited for a variety of positions in the media and entertainment industries.

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